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Waste Busters is one of the largest waste management companies operating in the private sector in Pakistan. Incorporated in 1996, it has been a market leader in the waste management industry with its innovative ideas such as door to door collection of garbage, sorting and recycling of the waste collected and producing products such as compost, soil conditioners, fertilizers, refuse derived fuel (RDF) and furniture made out of recycled plastic bags.

Waste Busters has won many awards and recognition from multilateral agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United Nations and many others.

Waste Busters was show cased as a model of low cost sustainable waste management practice in developing countries in an International symposium held in Sardinia, Italy in 2013.

Waste Busters has embarked upon sharing its knowledge and experience with others who would like to benefit from this new evolving industry of waste management in Pakistan.

It has launched the “CLEAN PAKISTAN” program with the support of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program in the entire country to achieve its goal of making Pakistan a pollution free country while using waste as a resource to earn income.

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Pakistan today produces over 50,000 Tons of garbage every day from households alone. Only 60% of this garbage is being collected which means over 20,000 Tons of garbage is left on the streets and open areas, clogging our drains, sewerage systems causing severe environmental and health hazards.

Waste Busters has taken the lead in combating this alarming situation by coming up with a concept which would not only take care of the pollution being created but also generate over 15,000 jobs and an entire new industry of waste management and recycling in Pakistan.

The “Clean Pakistan” Program has been launched by the Waste Busters with support from the Prime Minister’s Youth Program (PMYP) through financing made available for eligible and qualified “Ecopreneurs” who would apply for and get a Franchise of Waste Busters for implementing this program in their local Union Council.

The project has been envisaged to spread all over Pakistan using the methodology and training provided by the Waste Busters for garbage collection and recycling of waste to generate revenue for the “Ecopreneur” who would be the local franchisee of Waste Busters.

The Ecopreneurs who would be selected through a qualification process would become eligible for financial assistance in terms of a soft loan made available to them through the National Bank of Pakistan for up to Rs. 20 lacs.

This Loan would be repayable at a special 6% interest rate and payable in 8 years as per the terms of the Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Program. The repayment schedule for the Loan would commence after the first year.

Repayment of the Loan and income generation from this franchise model is estimated to be Rs. 100,000 per month as profit after payment of all expenses. The Financial model and details of the project cash flows are given to the applicants who have registered with the program.


This project has been designed specially for the Youth of Pakistan whom we call “Ecopreneurs”.

An “Ecopreneur” is the young person who shares our vision of a Clean Pakistan. A person who wants to do something for his country and a person who has the passion to become self made and have his/her own business.

Waste Busters is offering its Franchise to operate its waste management model at the grass root level that is the Union Council. Any person with the requisite qualifications can apply to get a Franchise from Waste Busters.

The selected franchisee is called the “Ecopreneur”.  The Ecopreneur would be given a proper training along with the guidance to implement the program in his/her Union Council once he has been selected.

The Ecopreneur would also qualifiy to apply for the Loan of Rs. 20 Lacs made available from the National Bank of Pakistan through the Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Program at specially discounted interest rate of 6% and is payable in 8 years.

The Loan would be applied towards the initial Capital Cost and operating expenses of the Franchise in any given area. This would include hiring of manpower, purchasing of pick up vehicles, hand carts, tools, protective gear and training of the personnel.

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The Clean Pakistan Program has been designed specially to attract the unemployed youth in the Country. The person who complies with the following criteria may apply for a Franchise of Waste Busters and can become an “Ecopreneur”.

Age: 21 yrs to 45 years
Education: Matric
Must Have: Valid CNIC
Gender: Male & Female both can apply


The National Bank of Pakistan has allocated funds for the Prime Minister’s Youth Program to fund eligible programs under this banner.

The Clean Pakistan Program is being supported by the Prime Ministers Youth Program and has been launched on March 23rd, 2106.

Applicants can apply through the on line application form available on this web site and can become eligible for funding of up to Rs. 20 lac if they meet all the qualification requirements.

Only qualified applicants will be considered for the financing who comply with all the requirements laid out under the Clean Pakistan Program.

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Prime Ministers Youth Program (PMYLP)

The Government is striving hard to empower youth socially and economically through multiple interventions under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program.

The PYMP is headed by Ms. Leila Khan, Member National Assembly (MNA) and Chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program.

The PYMP is the flagship programme of the Government of PML-N for socio economic development of Pakistan. With a budget outlay of Rs. 20 Billion, around 300,000 people are benefitting from its different schemes annually. Over Rs. 5 Billion have been distributed as Buisness Loans amongst 6500 Young Entreprenurs under the Prime Ministers Youth Buisness Loan Scheme. Under the Prime Ministers Youth Training Programme, to be launched very soon, the government will extend 50,000 interships per year for 3 years to M.Sc students and Associate Diploma holders of upto 25 yrs age. Rs. 12000 stipend will be paid to each internee per month from the Government for the one year internship program.

25,000 students have passed out as skilled workers in more than 100 demand driven trades under the Prime Ministers Youth Skill Development Program. Students along with disable youth are also catered to in this program so that they may live their life honorably by socially and economically empowering themselves. Besides getting free technical and vocational training, traniees are being paid monthly stipened of Rs. 2500 per student. However, the FATA  students are getting paid Rs. 3500 per month.

Under the Interest free loan scheme, more than Rs. 1.3 Billion has been distributed as 65000 small interest free loans amongst the poorest of the poor people of 265 Union Councils of 36 Districts across the Country.

The PMYP is proud to support the Clean Pakistan program along with the Waste Busters to empower the youth in creating a self sustainable and innovative business model which would not only clean up the country but also creat over 15000 jobs for the unemployed youth in the cities.

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